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Ayurveda Seminar - Ayurveda Workshop
organizes by Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care

Kerala Ayurvedic Health organizes Ayurveda workshop and Ayurveda seminar in different part of the world and also in Different cities in India.

We are one of the leading Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital and wellness center providing consultation, assistance in setting up Ayurveda centers, Ayurveda Seminars and Ayurvedic workshop for creating awareness of Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments and wellness programs for treatments as well as health care programs for maintaining better health through Ayurveda - The herbal methods.

Kerala Ayurveda has specialized programs for Ayurveda Seminars and Ayurvedic Workshop and the team is consist of a Qualified and experienced Ayurveda Doctor and one male and one female therapist who are qualified and highly experienced for demonstration.  Our Ayurveda Seminar and Ayurvedic Workshop programs contains, special interactive discussion, digital presentation, demonstration of different therapies, printed notes of different Ayurveda wellness programs, question answer section etc.

Kerala Ayurvedic conducted An Ayurveda Seminar and Ayurvedic Workshop at Swissotel at Ismir and Istanbut, Turkey, few months back.  The details of the programs and pictures and given below:

Program -

A)  Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care can organize Experienced and qualified Doctors for giving lecturers on selected subjects and per the requirements.

B)  Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care can organize practical demonstration of different Traditional Ayurveda Therapies for the seminar or medical campaigns

C) we could arrange necessary oil / medicines and other herbal products for the demonstration / seminar or health camps.

D) We could organize Ayurveda Seminars / Ayurveda Medical Camps / Ayurveda health camps in India or any part of the world


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