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Ayurveda Massage Spa & Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatments at Sarospatak, Hungary:-  At Ayurpatak

Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma center, " Ayurpatak " offers Traditional Kerala style Ayurveda consultation, Panchakarma Treatments, Ayurvedic Medicines, Ayurveda Training course and Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Detoxification, Weight Loss and treatments for Asthma, Bronchitis, Diabetes, General Fatigue, Hair Loss, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Migraine, Obesity, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Skin Disease, Slip Disc, Spondylitis, Ulcers, Gynaecological Problems, Kidney Problems etc. Experienced Indian therapist are doing the massage at Sarospatak, Hungary

Ayurveda Massage SPA Hungary

Panchakarma Hungary Ayurvedic Medicines  Ayurveda Hungary



AyurPathak - the traditional Ayurveda Spa in Sarospatak, Hungary, offers whole body massage, ayurveda panchakarma treatment with Indian Therapist who are highly qualified and experienced in Indian Ayurveda Massages with herbal oil at the Sarospatak center Hungary.  Indian Ayurveda massages at Spa Ayurpatak and Ayurveda panchakarma treatments are very effective for body with no side effect at all. Ayurveda spa Hungary at Sarospatak                            

AYURPATAK - Ayurvda Spa at Sarospatak, Hungary, Kerala Traditional ayurveda Panchakarma treatment center provides all the necessary ayurvedic oils and medicines for whole body massages at our SPA in Hungary.  Ayurveda medicines, oils and herbal food supplements are available at Ayurpatak, typical ayurveda panchakarma spa in Hungary.  Traditional Ayurveda oils are used in our Spa at Saropatak, Hungary for whole body massage

Ayurpatak SPA - Hungary offers Traditional Ayurveda training course, Panchakarma Treatments, Yoga Training Course and also Panchakarma weight Loss programs at Sarospatak, Hungary center.  Indian Therapist are available for Yoga sessions and Panchakarama Indian Ayurveda treatments.  The best quality Ayurvedic oils and medicines are used in Ayurpatak Ayurveda center in Hungary provides authentic and traditional India Kerala style ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda Chavittithirummal a special foot massage.

Services available at Kerala Ayurveda - Sarospatak - Hungary

Authentic Indian Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment Room
At Ayurveda spa center at Sarosptak, Hungary

Ayurveda Massages & Treatments:

Traditional Indian Massages and Panchakarma Treatments at Ayurpatak, Hungary : Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care provides Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma rejuvenation full body massages (Abhyangam), Special head massage, foot massage (Traditional Marma Chavittithirummal), special massage for back pain & neck pain (very effective for Spondylitis etc), shirodhara especially for stress and strain relief, sleep disorder and tension relief.

                          Ayurveda Panchakarma center - outside view


Yoga & Meditation:

Ayurpatak - Yoga Courses:
One of the leading Ayurveda Panchakarma Center practicing authentic Panchakarma Ayurveda Wellness massages and also provide Yoga training course of different duration High Qualified and experienced Indian Yoga trainer provides special Yoga courses as per your convenient timings. Yoga sessions at Ayurpatak - Sarospatak - Hungary is very effective for reducing stress and strain due to work and living condition etc. Yoga and Meditation will provide relaxation for a better life style which automatically improves the outlook and energy level. Ayurpatak - Sarospatak - Hungary has given special emphasis to Yoga and Meditation, which significantly improves mental and physical energy, feelings of alertness and enthusiasm. 

Weight Loss - Obesity Program
offers special weight loss and obesity treatments at Sarospatak, Hungary center. Udwardhanam is a powder massage offered along with special diet, Yoga and Abhyangam ayurveda panchakarma massages are very effective for reducing the excess fat and maintaining the body. Ayurveda treatments at Ayurpatak, Hungary centers offered weight reduction without any side effect.

Ayurvedic Medicines: At Ayurpatak, Hungary, all types of Ayurveda Medicines, Kazhayams, Churnams, tablets, massage oils and powder – which are specially prepared in Bio-energy conservation method. Ayurpatak, Hungary use only quality traditional medicines for all health related problems. At Ayurpatak, Hungary, Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments are available for: Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Insomnia, Colds & Congestion, Ulcers, Skin care, Stress and Strain, Epilepsy, Rheumatic Arthritis, Skin Disease, Slip Disc, Spondylitis, Diabetes, General Fatigue, Hair Loss, Impotency, Joint Pain, Migraine, Obesity, Psoriasis, Ulcers, Gynecological Problems, Kidney Problems etc.

                 Indian Ayurveda Panchakarma Training Sessions at Hungary

       Kerala Ayurvedic Managing                           Certificate Distribution
    with students at the Centre

Ayurveda Panchakarma Training in Hungary:
Ayurpatak, Hungary offers Ayurveda panchakarma training at Sarospatak. We have two training sessions, which are 7 days and 14 days. Ayurpatak, Hungary give training for all the Ayurveda massages, preparation of Kizhi, shirodhara, Udwarthanam etc. Ayurpatak, Hungary provides hand on training for all the participants and on successful completion we provide certificate after the course, which is affiliated by the National Development Agency, under Planning Commission of India.

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care Managing Director 
along with Ms. Eniko Adorjan, The Director of Ayurspatak, Hungary

Ayurveda Holidays Packages: Ayurpatak, Hungary offers special Ayurveda holiday packages in Hungary. 

Ayurpatak, Hungary offers - Airport pick up, Hotel / Guest house accommodation at Budapest and also in Sarospatak, arrange sight seeing packages and also organize Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Rejuvenation, Relaxation and detoxification packages.

Ayurpatak, Hungary provides special visits to Tokaji Wine yards and sight seeing packages at Budapest and Sarospatak along with Ayurveda packages.  Participants from Germany, Check Republic, Romania, Ukraine are enjoying our special health tour and holidays programs.  Ayurpatak Hungary organizes special Honeymoon holiday tour and travel programs in Hungary along with special rejuvenation and relaxation panchakarma packages.

                                Special visit at Tokaji Wine store

For more information about the Ayurveda Packages and Health holiday / honeymoon tour and travel packages, Ayurveda training course and Yoga training course, please contact:

Ms. Eniko Adorjan,
Managing Director,
3950, Sarospatak,
Thokoly Imre U. 17,

Ph: 0036 30 4459839
       0036 70 3545262

e mail : info@keralaayurvedichealthcare.com

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care is committed to provide quality Ayurveda health services at Ayurpatk, Sarospatk, Hungary.

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