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Wooden Kerala Ayurveda Massage Table, Ayurvedic Droni, Ayurveda Shirodhara Stand, Ayurveda Wooden Pathy, Shirodhara Pot, Steam Chamber, Wooden Massage Table, Ayurvedic Wooden Droni, Ayurveda Oil, Medicines and Panchakarma Equipments manufacturers and exporters.

Our Catalogue - Ayurveda Products


Wooden Massage Droni in All Around Massage Table

Wooden Massage Droni with cabins/cup board for keeping oil and the step for droni

Ayurveda Massage Droni

Ayurveda Dhara Pathy

The Wooden Massage Table is finished in export quality and placed over a highly decorative wooden Massage Table stand with 5 size wooden frame. Both are made out of Country Venga wood

Type ll (On Wooden Decorative Stand)

Aesthetically made wooden Massage Table (Droni) carved out of single piece medicinal wood and with export quality finish. Massage Table is mounted on a plain wooden stand. Venga Neem etc. With Wooden Cabinet / Cabins for keeping the oil on lock and key Woods used are Vanga, Anjili or Teak

Type l (With Cabinet / Cabins)

Lying Steam Chamber

Wooden Steam Chamber - Swedana Box
Sitting Type - Export quality

Ayurveda Steam Swedana chamber Ayurveda Steam Chamber box

This consists of a Teakwood fixed bed on wooden stand made of medicinal wood. The chamber is made with wooden frame and with translucent FRP  Window Panes. Heavy duty boiler is included.

STEAM BATH SYSTEM - Lying Type (model lll)

Wooden Chamber with adjustable seat. Provided with Copper Tube Steam. FRP inner lining inside the Wooden Chamber protects the wood from steam and maintains a hygienic surface. made from Aryavep Neem Wood.

STEAM BATH - Sitting Type Wood

Wooden Steam Chamber Sitting Type Shirodhara Wooden Stand / Dhara stand
Panchakarma Wooden Swedana box Shirodhara Stand

Wooden Chamber with adjustable seat. Provided with Copper Tube Steam. FRP inner lining inside the Wooden Chamber protects the wood from steam and maintains a hygienic surface. made from Aryavep Neem Wood.

STEAM BATH - Sitting Type Wood

Ayurveda Shirodhara Stand, wooden carved, Adjustable and decorated with Bronze or Brass pot for Dhara with Italian Ball Valve, Brass Chain, ring for adjust the height for Shirodhara.  Ayurveda Dhara Stand export quality, Kerala

Shirodhara Wooden Stand / Dhara stand

Virechan Chair (Enema Chair)

Arsh Bashpa Sweda Yanthram

Ayurveda Virechana Enima chair Ayurveda Panchakarma Arsh Bashpa Swedana Yanthram export quality steel from Kerala
Nasya Anjana Chair Shirodhara Pot
Ayurveda Panchakarma Nasya Anjana wooden chair export quality from Kerala
Shirodhara pot in Bronze / Brass, heavy duty with brass chain and ring. Export quality Dhara pot

We wish to introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturers and exporters of traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma equipments and apparatus in India and exporting to all Ayurveda centers, star hotels etc in all part of the world.

We provide the necessary equipments and apparatus, table (droni), Shirodhara stand, steam chambers, and automatic steam generator etc. manufactured in traditional way.  We believe that we are the only agency making wooden Droni in “single” piece of wood.

We could also provide all oils, powders and medicines for the use at the centre. We are making this Ayurveda preparation on Bio-energy conservation method - which gives greater potency to the medicines and oils  

(a.) Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table - Pathy - Ayurvedic Massage Droni 
Made of  medicinal wood – Single joint  - size : 9’ x 30” x3.5” – Kiln Seasoned  and  Oil seasoned , Certificate of  authenticity of wood from Forest  Research  Institute and Brass work  are provided.  

(b)    Wooden Massage / Droni / Pathy - Stand for Droni :
Made  of  stainless steel  or medicinal wood with stoppers to prevent  movement  of Dhroni  during treatment .

2.     Shirodhara  Stand  with Bronze / Brass / Copper /  Dhara Vessel   
Made  of  medicinal wood  or
stainless steel   in  quadrupod  construction. Collapsible  design allows  portability. size :200cm x  60 cm. The 3 litre  size  Dhara vessel has brass chains and imported ball valve.  

3. Sarvanga Bashpa  Swedan  Yanthra ( Lying  type ): 
Consists of  Stainless steel frame, fiberglass bed, translucent chamber, NPG  fiberglass condensate  tray, SS distribution  tubes, Digital temperature indicator  cum controller and Boiler timer, semi – automatic heavy duty  stainless  steel electric  boiler of 3 KW  capacity with gas heating option (  dual  boiler ) , imported  ball valve control, imported boiler thermostat, high  pressure steam hose , Herbal steam  facility with stainless steel basket etc.
Size: 210cm x 80cm x 90cm.

4. Sarvanga Bashpa Swedan Yanthram – (Sitting type ) :
Made  of  heavy duty NPG fiberglass and   consisting  of  a FRP moulded non –slip floor  with drain  canal, leg guard, adjustable seat with   SS top , and  ring type  base, steam release system made of brass fittings and copper tubes, door with SS hinges, Powder –coated steel support stand etc.  Digital  temperature controller and boiler timer is provided. size : 90cm x 76cm  x116cm. 

5.  Awagaha Tub: 
Made of   heat resistant NPG  fiberglass in full body  size. Powder  coated steel frame is bonded  to the tub  which enables  stability. Can be easily carried and placed anywhere.  size :  170cm x 76cm x 40 cm.

6. Spine  Bath  with groove : 
Made of  NPG  - Fiberglass material  with reinforcement for edges and a spinal  groove . size :  101cm x 63cm x 20cm

7.  Vasti Yanthram :
Made  of  white  Bronze material in the traditional hand – casted shape.

8.  Vasti Yanthram – Disposable set : 
This is  a kit with  one Yanthram and 50 nos. nethrams of adult and paediatric sizes, all made of  high grade sterilizable and transparent plastic. 50 nos. vasti putak are provided to enable different vasti volumes of 500 ml,1000ml and 1500ml.

9. Matra Vasti  & Sneha vasti  Syringe
Stainless steel  syringe with nylon  head ( for Mathra  vasti )   and Brass head (for Sneha  vasti )  with provision to use disposable  plastic nethrams  of adult and pediatric : sizes.  Capacity: 100ml and 250ml. 

10 Kativasti  Yanthram / Janu vasti Yanthram/  Greeva Vasti Yanthram
These  are made of  light weight  fiberglass material.  Suitable  for different body shapes by using  the multiple profiles. 

11. Agnikarma  Shalaka:
Made  of  Panchaloha metals  with  wooden  handle and sharp  tip. 

12.  Shirovasti Cap
This  is an adjustable  cap to suit all types of  heads. Made of calf leather with  an inner lining of artificial leather. Size:  80cm x 19cm. 

13.  Vaman Peeth
Consists of  a chair  and table . Made of  Chrome plated  cold rolled steel frame. Chair is  designed to be stable in Vamanam position, SS collection tub, measuring jar, towel bar, leg support and castor wheel for table are  provided. 

14.Virechan peeth :
Made of  chrome plated  cold  rolled steel frame. Teakwood back rest , Fiberglass  seat in wood design  and stainless steel collection vessel are provided. 

15. Arsh Bashpa  Sweda  Yanthram :
Made  of chrome plated cold rolled  steel  frame with cushion  back, steam   resistant seat  and stainless  steel boiler, timer and heat  controls   are  provided in a powder coated steel console . 

16.  Dhooma Nethrams :
Made  of white Bronze  material   in the  traditional  shape.
 size : 14 cm  x 4cm. 

17.Panchakarma Accessories -   Full set:  : 
This consists o 22  different  products like Thannikinnam , Dhara kindi with handle , lotta, Oil bowl  with handle, Varpu ( polished ) , Uruli,  Nasya Yanthram, Mortar and Pestle, Vanai, Chattukam etc.  Most of these are hand casted  in traditional  white bronze metal. 

18. Soft Bed for Dhroni / Massage Table
This  is  shaped to  fit in the  body  area of Dhroni  and is made of good quality  artificial  leather and foam  material . 

19Steps for Massage table / Dhroni  
This is a   2 steps  ladder  made of powder   coated steel with rubber  or plastic   caps   for legs.
Size: 45 cm x 40cm x 40cm.

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Our Catalogue - Ayurveda Products

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Our Catalogue - Ayurveda Products

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Our Catalogue - Ayurveda Products

Ayurveda Massage Table, Droni, Ayurvedic Massage Pathy, Shirodhara table and stand with pot,  Traditional wooden Kerala Ayurveda Droni, Ayurveda Massage Table, Ayurvedic Massage bed, Shirodhara Stand, Shirodhara Pot, Shirovasti Cap, Abhyangam Wooden Table, Shirodhara Massage Wooden Table, Swedana Chamber, Steam Box, Steam Chamber, Steam Generator, Panchakarma Accessories, Ayurveda massage oil, massage powder etc.